• The Owen Brown Tennis Bubble will be down for another week due to the repair work that needs to be completed on the interior of the Bubble.CA is working with the original bubble fabricator and contractors regarding repairs. As we learn more we will provide a reopening timeline next week. Thank you for your continued patience.

  • The Small Dog Area at Columbia DogPark will temporarily be open for use for all registered DogPark and daily use patrons. The Large Dog Area will remain closed until further notice. We appreciate your patience!



Four physician referral programs to improve your health!



Columbia Optimal Health

A physician referral program focusing on exercise, nutrition and behavioral health.


A physician referral program focusing on exercise.

WINN (When If Not Now)

An exercise program for the mature adult.

Columbia YouthFit (Ages 9-16 years old)

A physician referral program focusing on creating healthy families.

Call 410-715-3128 for more information today!